Surfer fights airline for compensation after surfboard snapped on airplane

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A snapped surfboard ruined a dream trip to California, and now the rider is fighting with Delta Airlines overcompensation.

“Look at this! The whole thing is in half; they broke it completely in half, and it’s completely destroyed,” Heather Young said.

Young cushioned her 1,500 board with yoga mats and pool noodles last month while traveling to Malibu to compete in the Queen of the Point surf contest.

But the board was in two pieces when her flight from Honolulu arrived at LAX.

Young says she’d been training for years to compete in the contest and brought her 6-year-old son.

She had to borrow a board and did not do well in the contest.

Young filed a reimbursement claim with Delta but said multiple agents at the airport and on the phone said they could do nothing.

“My son got to witness me kind of have a bit of a meltdown,” Young said.

“I have people in my surf community, in my community, who have never in 50 years, they’ve been surfing, and they’ve never seen somebody’s board come off an airplane busted clean and half like, that’s unheard of … The lack of, you know, attention and care that they had for my belongings was devastating.”

Delta says it doesn’t have a record of the incident, but once a claim is filed, an agency will work on the reimbursement.

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