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Macron’s last chance to throttle far right surge — live updates – POLITICO

After a month-long campaign, the makeup of the new French National Assembly will be determined tonight as voters head to the polls in the final round of the parliamentary election.

The far-right National Rally (RN) and its allies finished far ahead of their competitors in the first round of voting, securing a third of the vote, followed by the left-wing New Popular Front alliance with 28.6 percent and the pro-Macron coalition with 20.9 percent.

Fearing a far-right power grab, hundreds of candidates across the 577 electoral constituencies in France withdrew from the races this week to prevent a split in the anti-RN vote — thus weakening the National Rally’s chances of obtaining the absolute majority needed to form a stable government.

far-right win, a hung parliament … All options are now on the table, and the future of France could come down to a few dozen votes in key districts.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the night.

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